Low operating costs.

Filtration with a series of disc filters, with carrier plastic discs, is mostly present due to low operating costs. This method of wet filtration (fluid filtration) is most commonly presented in galvanic processes.

We offer disc filters of various:

      • filter media: cellulose, cellulose + activated carbon, polypropylene
      • dimensions (outer diameter × hole diameter)
        Ø 195×64 mm
        Ø 200×50 mm
        Ø 205×32 mm
        Ø 258×50 mm
        Ø 280×50 mm
        Ø 295×64 mm
        Ø 350×60 mm
        Ø 470×60 mm
        Ø 540×100 mm
      • Possibility of making a washable disc filter according to your needs.
      • We also offer spare parts (plastic carrier discs, carrier plate …).