A wide selection of filter media

Filter cartridges with their simple design and numerous filter material versions cover wide areas of use. They are practically occurring in the filtration processes in all applications of the process industry. The filter housing for installation of filter cartridges does not require a special sealing execution. Cartridge filters with a screw plug are simply screwed into the filter housing.

Filter cartridges of different filter media and filtration ratings:

  • standard dimensions (5″, 10″, 20″, 30″ and 40″) and non-standard by arrangement
  • various designs: wound (net, string, felt), melt-blown, pleated
  • open or with threaded plugs
  • activated carbon cartridge filters (sintered activated carbon)
  • filter cartridges for depth filtration (jumbo filter cartridges).
  • We advise you when choosing a filter material or media for your application.

Possibility to produce non-standard filter cartridges according to your needs.